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We sell degoogled phones with Graphene, Lineage, Calyx or /e/ Operating System installed on. You are paying the standard phone price plus a fee to perform the installation of the operating system on one or more phones of your choice.

Absolutely; you can, and you should. But if you grow tired after installing Graphene or CalyX OS on your fifth, tenth, n th phone then we’re here for you.

We have a certain level of inventory in stock. However the phones are not degoogled yet and the service is performed “Made to Order”. We usually ship a phone within 5 days after an order is received.

We can not guarantee that your favorite app will work. However, most of the apps we have tried work.

Consider that, due to having removed google play services, any paid apps (or apps that allow you to purchase content in the app) will likely not work properly.

Apps which allow you to purchase a membership or premium content via the web, and then log in using the app are ok.

Many apps such as Lyft, Doordash, etc. can be used through a website interface with a bookmark placed on your home screen. 

We normally ship all over the World with FedEx international express delivery.

All prices quoted on the site strive to include dutied, taxes and ancillary costs due to importation in the price. If you live in a country where the taxes are particularly bad we'll seek to be in touch with you before order fullfillment.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal. More payment methods will come online in the near future. 

We collect personal information when you purchase our products. We strive to collect as little as we can, but we may require certain personal information to be able to deliver the goods to you; for example we need a shipping address and the shipping address must be good enough for a courier to deliver to you.

Also, we still live in the physical world, so we might be compelled by certain external bodies (eg: governments) to obtain and retain certain information from you. If that happens, we strive to retain as little as possible for as short as possible.

We will seek to minimize the time your personal information is kept online and store it offline. Also, we will always strive to ask as little information as possible. If we don’t have unnecessary information about you such data cannot be stolen from us.