1 - Enhanced management of memory– essentially the OS better protects the contents of the phones brain; thus massively reducing opportunities for hackers to gain access to your phone.

2 - Better encryption than standard Android.

3 - Much more resilient permissions out of the box; which reduces risk associated with malicious apps being installed.

4 - Privacy preserving web browsers by default.Out of the box they provides better security & a much more private web browsing experience.

5 - Operating system verification using a service called Attestation. In the unlikely event your phone is compromised YOU will be told it has been, thus allowing you to use alternative means for communication!

6 - Delivers a modern end user experience which allows users to enjoy a modern smartphone whilst benefiting from enhanced security.

  • Phones Degoogled with Graphene OS

  • Phones Degoogled with Calyx OS

  • Phones Degoogled with Lineage OS

  • Pack of Degoogled Phones